Friday, June 05, 2020
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My Captain
Dorothea Day
Out of the light that dazzles me,
    Bright as the sun from pole to pole,
I thank the God I know to be
    For Christ the conqueror of my soul.
Since His the sway of circumstance,
    I would not wince nor cry aloud.
Under that rule which men call chance
    My head with joy is humbly bowed.
Beyond this place of sin and tears
    That life with Him! And His the aid,
Despite the menace of the years,
    Keeps, and shall keep me, unafraid.
I have no fear, though strait the gate,
    He cleared from punishment the scroll.
Christ is the Master of my fate,
    Christ is the Captain of my soul.

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© Dorothea Day, "My Captain" as quoted in "The Grace Awakening" © by Chuck Swindoll.

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